Wuxi Xineng Boiler co LTD

Date: 13th September 2016
YLL/YGL Type Vertical Coal Organic Heat Carrier Boiler
YLL(ygl)organic heat-medium boiler is the vertical assembly forced circulation coal-fired boiler.The compact heating area comprises of inner and outer closely-aligned round coils.Inner coils are the radiation heating area and outer coils serve the convection heating area with external surface of inner coil.Boiler is structured into the body drum on the conbustion chamber,which shall be assembled on site.Fuel burns enough in the combustion chamber.Most heat is absorbed by the radiation heating area and residue hot fume flows in the convection in the air preheater.Finally it exhausts outside wirth chimney via the dust collector and draught fan. Simple installation and short installation period.Just combine the upper body and lower combustion chamber. Heating area is the closely-aligned round coils.Heating area is arranged sufficiently to reduce the surface heat load of pipe and handle the heat transfer oil asfely. Reasonable medium flow.Heat transfer oil flows from the lower inlet to the upper outlet.Gas generated during the operation stays in the boiler hardly and can exhaust easily. Adiavatic combustion in the combustion chamber.Fire the fuel more easily and sufficiently,improving the heating efficiency. Closely-aligned coils are arranged on the boiler top,which can protect the tope better from burnt damage.